"When you start out in a team, you have to get the teamwork going and then you get something back." - Michael Schumacher

During these difficult times, it's easy to look at Networking and think it's easy, so why not set up my own networking group ......BUT....Before you do, let me demonstrate why you should work with us before you are tempted to go at it alone.

We are building a network of networking groups. Our ambition is to have a NATIONAL NETWORK with hundreds of groups across the whole country. To date, we have a strong presence in Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and London!

To do this, we are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to join us. Unlike some other networking organizations that charge you to set up a group or offer you free membership as a reward, we pay cash to help run our meetings.

Setting up a group on your own may at first seems an easy thing to do!

However, why not set up a group with Omni? - Here's why

You are NOT alone! - It's difficult to go at it alone, with so much competition online these days!

It's FREE to join our team and set up a group**

We have a fully functioning website, this will save you this setup cost

We are very well established in the networking arena. If you are starting up on your own, you have EVERYONE who will be after your members or visitors...We have many groups you can already choose from.

We have a comprehensive membership rewards structure. Not just the meetings!

We have a fully functioning and automated booking system which saves you time and investment

We have a payment portal that saves a lot of money on the setup costs or heavy commission fees!

You get the full support from the members of our 40 stong groups, so bookings will be strong, saving a lot of hard work getting visitors to chose you over everyone else

Huge support from other team members

We offer full training

We have a very strong database where ever we have groups

So, yes, it looks easy, and to earn any real money from running a networking business, you need hundreds of members to make it worth your while....And while you are doing this, your core business could be at risk.......

Why would you do that, when we have it all at the push of a button, and we can get you fully up and running within 2 weeks!


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**You need to be a member before you can be a part of the team. However, if you decide to become a member of the team when you sign up, your membership term will be frozen and you will still get the cash reward for anyone you invite who then joins. This means that you won't be paying to help run one of our groups: you will be getting FREE membership term added to your agreed membership..., without paying for the privilege and you will have more earning potential. When you decide to step down from the team, your membership will re-start from that point and the term you are in the team will be added to your membership.



Becoming a team member has other rewards as well:

  • You will get your business advertised on the group page and members will be more aware of you and your business!
  • You will have access to data and be able to present your business to more people than regular members of Omni Local Business Networking.

Teamwork is essential to the whole network. Everyone is considered a vital part of the network's success and everyone will be considered as important as any of the partners of the business.

We are currently recruiting. The roles needed for each area are as follows:

Why not come along to one of our recruitment days, and see how you can get rewarded while networking and promoting your own business?


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*Once this has been through the review, every person in each team will get financially rewarded for helping to set up and run a successful group. On top of this, you will get FULL support and have all the material you need as part of our commitment to making every Omni Local Business Network group stand out in the world of networking.

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