Each group meets every fortnight, and we offer both Zoom and physical meetings.

We have 2 different formats for each group.

1st Event. - Regular Networking - Limited to just 20!

  • Registration & Open Networking
  • 45 Second Intro Round
  • 1st Business Insight
  • Tea Break and Open Networking
  • 2nd Business Insight
  • 1-2-1 Professional Meeting
  • Testimonial / Thank You round

2nd Event. - Business Focus & Development - Limited to just 20!

  • Registration & Open Networking
  • Last Business Development recap
  • What are you looking for to help your business (non-sales or customer-related)
  • 30 Second Speed Intro Round
  • Educational Slot
  • Tea Break & Open Networking
  • Common Business Challenges
    • Questions
    • Solutions
  • Business Development Discussion & Call to action round-up
  • Business Development Member's Monthly Challenge


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We have various start times!

Mornings -

Start - Zoom /Physical - 7.45 am until 9,30 am

Start - Zoom / Physical - 8.30 am until 10.30 am

Lunchtimes -

Start - Zoom - 12.00 noon until 2.30 pm

Evening Events -

Start - Zoom - 5.00 pm until 6.00 pm (FREE SPEED NETWORKING)

Start - Zoom - 5.00 pm until 6.30 pm (FREE DISCOVERY EVENINGS)

After extensive research, we have found that the demand for Full English Breakfasts has dwindled, so, we provide Teas, Coffee, pastries, and or biscuits.

The format for both Zoom and physical meetings are identical! - Which includes a Tea Break.

At physical meetings, we encourage you to be there early! - Get some open networking done!

Each meeting you attend, you will be given a list of all the attendees and a receipt via email.

Provided you make a good impression and follow up with the people you have met, you are guaranteed to find great people who can help your business and find new clients or customers.

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Please note that we are currently updating our teams, and we will be offering a new format. This should be in place by the end of March.

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