Become a Networking Buddy!

Do you remember your first ever networking event? How did you feel? Most people who are go networking for the first time are nervous and have no idea how to go about networking. Good or bad, it can put a lot of people off going networking again.

If you'd had a Networking Buddy, how different would have that first-time experience have been?

This is where our Buddy Scheme works for everyone!

We will introduce one Networking Buddy.

Become an OLBN Buddy

Role: A Networking Buddy is there to act as back up to the Group Support Manager and the Group Director, and to take care of the small things which helps make a meeting run smoothly. This would include making sure that new visitors are looked after, ensuring that they are aware of the format of the meeting, and help find the right people to connect with to at the meeting. 

Skills required: You would need to be experienced in networking of some kind, have a warm and generous nature, and be willing to offer help and advice about Omni Local Business Networking. Full Training will be provided.

Benefits: By being an OLBN Buddy you would be getting contact exchanges in return! If you have three new members, and you offer them three contact exchanges each, over a three month period you could have nine new clients. On top of this, you will be seen as a member of the networking team. This raises your profile within the network. Not only this, your relationship with the new members should get stronger as you work with them.

Reward: Although this would be seen as a voluntary role, we will offer something in return: FROZEN MEMBERSHIP, reduced breakfast fees at any of the our meetings while you are an OLBN Buddy, On top of this you will receive £50.00 cash for any new members you introduce to the network.  While you are in this position, you would also be raising your business profile and reputation within the group.As an OLBN Buddy you would be valued as one of the team and would also be included in any of the team meetings.

To apply: Just call John on 07898 870 870

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