Online Meeting Format & Timeline

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are now meeting online.


The venues are merely “Virtual Hubs” as we want to continue to support our venues!


OUR ONLINE MEETINGS ARE *FREE FOR MEMBERS & Visitors who have been up to 3 times

*Until Further Notice!


Breakfast -

7.45am – Meeting Session open (Open Networking)

8.00am – Meeting open by the Group Director

8.05am – 60 Seconds round

8.40am (ish) Coffee Break (Go get yourself a cuppa)

8.55am – Pitch Platform (10/5 mins)

9.10am – Closed 1-2-1 meeting with fellow attendees

9.25am – Close meeting and referral & Thank you round


Lunch -

12.45pm – Meeting Session open (Open Networking)

1.00pm – Meeting open by the Group Director

1.05pm – 60 Seconds round

1.40pm (ish) Coffee Break (Go get yourself a cuppa)

1.55pm – Pitch Platform (10/5 mins)

2.10pm – Closed meeting with fellow attendees

2.25pm – Close meeting and referral & Thank you round


These online meetings means you can spread your client base foot print!



On a NORMAL Basis!!

When the world gets back to normal, the meetings are held every fortnight, and the breakfast meetings start at 7.30 *. This gives you plenty of time to miss the rush hour traffic!

* NB The start time (and therefore subsequent timings) may vary if, for example, the venue cannot accommodate a 7.30 start. Please see the individual meeting details.

You have three breakfast options:

  • Full English
  • Vegetarian
  • Continental

*Please note that if you have any special dietary requests which are not covered above we will need payment at least 2 days in advance. We will also need to know about any food allergies within 48 hours of the meeting.

We start with open networking then you:

The meeting is opened by our group director and then starts with a 1 minute round, split into 3 parts as follows:

  • 15 seconds to introduce yourself and your business
  • 25 Seconds to explain what you would need to help your business or what kind of clients you are looking for
  • 20 seconds to ask for an ideal referral

While breakfast is being served we pass around a stack of your business cards for other members to contact you later.

Once breakfast is out of the way we then go to the 1-2-1 selection round. This is where you set up a 1-2-1 within the room before you leave.

Moving on, there is a Pitch Platform which is where one of the members has 10 minutes to talk about their business. This is followed up with a hot question round where you can ask for advice and how they can help your business. This is where you will get FREE advice from the Pitch Platform member.

We then have a coffee break (5 mins) which is your chance to speak to someone of interest you have heard about. If you have already got your 1-2-1 try and arrange a meeting outside the networking room.

Then you go to your relaxed, non-rushed 1-2-1 meeting you have set up, for 15 minutes.

Time for testimonials and thanks. This is where anyone in the room can thank others for any kind of support ie any business referrals, free advice given and meetings they have gained as a result of meeting that person

Before we close we have members' events and announcements and then we close before we hold the FREE SPEED seminar.

The Meeting Timeline

  • 07:30 Open Networking & Registration
  • 08.00 Breakfast is served & Opening of the meeting from the Group Director
  • 08.05 1 Minute Round (while having breakfast)
  • 08:35 1-2-1 Meeting Set Up (Breakfast Clear Up & Refreshments - Coffees and Teas)
  • 08:40 Time for Pitch Platform & Question Time
  • 08.55 1-2-1 Meetings
  • 09:15 Time for TT&Ts! Tips, Testimonials and Thank You Time
  • 09:30 Meeting Close
  • ** Please note these times may vary due to number of attendees

Set Up for Speed Seminar & (Refreshments - Coffees and Teas)

  • 09:30 FREE SPEED Seminar Starts
  • 10:15 FREE SPEED Seminar Ends
  • *** Please note that there may NOT be a Speed Seminar after every meeting.

The Pitch Platform

The pitch platform is whatever you want it to be. Other networks will ask you not to sell during this time; however, this is your chance to tell everyone about your business and how the members would benefit from using you and your services. You can show off a skill you possess, you can promote service, a customer's experience or talk about anything you like. It's YOUR moment. You will get 10 minutes of everyone's focused attention; every member will get an opportunity to present themselves and their business to the group. It is designed this way for two reasons:

  1. If people don't know anything about how they can benefit for your services, then they should.
  2. When people can see how good you are you are more than likely to make it easier for others to recommend your services.

After all we are NetWORKING!

Trust us, the friendship and relationship aspect of networking is a byproduct. It will happen!

A Note from John – Head of Omni Local Business Networking

When you research networking, one thing you will find in common is that friendships and strong relationships are essential. This is natural. Building relationships are simply a byproduct of meeting someone you have something in common with. But many networking environments become more social than business. Others are more business than pleasure, and some are simply a place for card-snatching. We make networking exactly what it is:

    • Net – Building a net of people you can know and trust.
    • Working – A place to do business.

The relationship and friendships will form naturally. You don't need to be told this!

Sure, people do business with the people they like, and you can't help buy from people you trust, but what happens when you are so familiar with someone you prefer to be friends than mix business and friendship together.

My granny gave me two things which have stuck with me all my life and works very well when you are networking.

      1. Always be polite to the person you sit next to on the bus.
      2. One hand washes the other.

My mission will be to encourage people to understand these very simple rules to get more from networking.

I give out around 20 referrals a week. That's around 900 a year. Give or take holidays and bad weeks. If I can do this, and I can introduce you to a network of just 30 people who do this, then there will be 27,000 referrals a year given to our members per group. Image when we have 30 – 50 groups. Being a part of this should excite you!

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