Joining Omni Local Business Networking is very rewarding and the cost is very competitive!

With over £93m worth of business referrals at a local level, we offer outstanding value!

From the 1st of September 2022 we are looking for just 12 CORE members for each group, and applying a "soft" lockout policy.

A core member is a member who nominates a group as their HOME group. Each home group has a target of 1 type of profession, however, visitors are always welcome even if a professional seat has been taken. There will be no more than 2 representatives from the same profession.

A core member agrees to our member's charter and works with other members and the nominated charity to help grow. Regular attendance to the HOME group is also required.

Standard membership does not automatically qualify anyone as a CORE member. There is a separate application for CORE membership. There is no extra cost to become a CORE Member.

If you are interested in becoming a CORE member, please indicate this when you apply for membership.


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STANDARD Membership Levels -

3 Month Trial Membership - £99.99 + VAT

6 Month Membership - £239.00 + VAT

12 Month Membership - £299.00 = VAT

Or 12 Month's Membership paid by Direct Debit - £34.99 (VAT INC)

**** The Direct Debit is a 12-monthly payment commitment

**** Please note that you can only attend 3 visits without becoming a member.

**** Please note this does not include the meeting fees


Please check out our Membership rewards to understand the real value of membership.

Detailed above, are our basic membership levels.

Limited to 1 individual only.

Each membership or person named would be able to visit any of the other groups throughout the network, and not be restricted to just one group!

Please note at this stage, you are welcome to visit ANY of the meetings up to 3 times before we invite you to join as a member. Not all applications may be accepted.

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Business Multi Membership is as follows:

  • 2 people £450.00  (+VAT)
  • 3 people £550.00  (+ VAT)
  • 4 people £625.00  (+ VAT)
  • 5 people £675.00  (+ VAT)
  • 6 people £750.00  (+ VAT)

These are for 12-month Membership ONLY!  


Please note at this stage, you are welcome to visit ANY of the meetings up to 3 times before we ask you to join as a member

*All the prices stated above are subject to VAT

****Please note this does not include the meeting fees

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

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