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It is the most effective networking group that I have joined. Take care and stay safe.
Date of Posting: 23 February 2021
Posted By: Paul Amani
Payroll & HR Services, Guildford Area
I attended the Colchester meeting recently, and the meeting was fantastic - led to me doing a twelve-hour stint at the laptop / phone and some really exciting leads (and just some really great morale-boosting conversations). I was blown away by the positive feedback.

I have registered for the next meeting and will look into how I share the group as well as invite others.

Thank You Omni!!!
Date of Posting: 12 February 2021
Posted By: Rebecca Baines
Proudly Eco Fundraising For Schools, Charities & Plastic-Free Communities Across the U.K., Colchester
I have attended two Omni Guildford & Woking meetings now, via Zoom, and have been thoroughly impressed. The group is friendly, diverse in professions and welcoming to newcomers. The use of breakout rooms, both in a small groups and 1:1, allows for deeper conversations and overall the meetings have left me with new connections, inspired and ready for the day! I would definitely recommend.
Date of Posting: 12 February 2021
Posted By: Jen Clay
Oakleaf Enterprise, mental health charity, Guildford
I went to OMNI Farnborough this morning - not sure if this is a new team as I have not been to this particular meeting in a while, but I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the director, Jenni. She had something nice to say about everyone and made everyone feel so welcome. She is an amazing host for this meeting and I just loved her kindness and positive energy.
Date of Posting: 09 February 2021
Posted By: Marlena O'Donnell
The Resilience Coach and Results Specialist, Reading
I joined Omni about 3 years ago when it was a physical meeting and due to both timing and geographical limitations. I was only able to attend my local meeting in Guildford once a fortnight. This brought in some business, but was fairly limited.

When the pandemic started and we went into lockdown virtually overnight, I expected that Omni would stop or at best really struggling. However, in remarkably quick time, John Gower and his team quickly set up the zoom meetings to allow people to continue to network. Not only that, but now there were no limitations for me (and others) as to where we could do that.

I've been attending as many meetings as possible since this facility was made available and over time have built great trusting relationships with so many people around the country, which would never have otherwise happened. This has enabled me to not only grow my business far more than before, but also to access very useful services from other Omni members who I never would have met before, meaning everybody wins!

I wholeheartedly and strongly recommend any business at to at least come to a few meetings before making the obvious decision to join. I have gained so much more than just business and services, but great friendships and being part of of very supportive community
Date of Posting: 19 January 2021
Posted By: Dave Allen
Herbalife Nutrition Member, Woking, Surrey

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