In this blog I explain why its not about numbers but quality over quantity!



This is one of the most asked questions I always get when I am canvassing new visitors for the Omni Business Development Network.

It never fails to amaze me! Anyone who is experienced at networking would ask a different question...Why? - One word - Intimacy!

BIGGER IS NOT BETTER.......Let me explain why.... Networking isn't about numbers!

It's NOT about how much you can sell or about the money.

It's about the people who attend!

In fact, in most cases, the fewer numbers with the most regular attendees actually speed up the process of building deeper and stronger relationships! When you really get to know someone and build a great relationship, you are actually adding to your network, someone who is REALLY interested in you and your business and will share advice, help, and support.

How easier is that to do with say 12 people, than 40? - It's impossible, well to do it personally and offer a quality relationship!

On top of that, working with a smaller network of people enables you to give a better service and builds a tight-knit connections list which is impossible for your competitors to break!

If you build the right connections around you and build that trust, you have someone else you can bounce ideas off, get advice with any issues you are struggling with, and for me personally - confide in trusted professionals!

When you are working alone (some from home these days), it can be a really lonely place. Building up a core network of brilliant like-minded business owners will help you and your business grow exponentially!

Let's get personal here.....During the pandemic, a lot of people (including myself) lost who they really are. Working from home, alone is like being in isolation. (A punishment given to you when you are already in prison)....Add the pressure of running a business, hearing everything dark and negative on the news, people not acting like themselves. Then add the pressure of looking after your loved ones who may also be going through their own challenges.....Frankly, the best of us would feel a bit depressed.

Zoom has been a godsend for many people. I love online networking, but you can't beat a good hug of someone you have a good relationship with.

Networking has helped so many people which is why there is so much of it about, but so many are getting it wrong! - It's not about the numbers, it's about how you network, the type of people you want to build into your network, and the relationships you build.... It's not the Network Event... it's so much more!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you agree with me, and like this content, if so, please feel free to share..The more people I can help to network better, the more successful networking will be for everyone!

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