Networking is a great way of finding new clients, build better relationships and find some fantastic suppliers. On top of this, provided you get networking right you will be able to find people who will be happy to promote your business and services to their clients and their customers.

If you're not networking your business on a regular basis you are really missing out on some great sales and lead funnels for finding new business.

Let me ask you two questions

Do you go networking and just find the results you're getting are just not quite right, and that you should be getting a little bit more from the time that you spend speaking to people at networking events?

Or have you never been networking before, just don't know what it's about, feel a little exposed?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions then this is definitely something for you!

Although the Networking Works Workshops are FREE, all we ask you to do is attend the meetings we hold before or after our networking meetings.

Each month we will have a different subject about how you can improve one area or aspect of your networking. Each month we will have a different subject about how you can improve one area or aspect of your networking.

The different subjects are as follows -
6 Pillars of Network - Essential need to know information
60 Seconds Elevator Pitch - get more from your Elevator Pitch
1-2-1 Networking - Take it from Face to Face to online and beyond!
GDPR - The basics you need to know while networking
More to follow.......

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