omni logoI have benefited from my Omni membership in many ways. the obvious two are:
1. I have covered my membership fee within the first two months of joining and still getting work, not only from other members but from people the members know.
2. I have been able to obtain everything I wanted to improve and enhance my business profile from the various expertise of the members I now call my personal friends. Omni networking works on so many levels. If you are in business, you will be nuts not to join.

The Omni Local Business Networking community is driven by looking out for opportunities for each other and helping each other's businesses grow through using each other's goods and services, collaboration, advice, help, and support.

We don't just help businesses survive, but THRIVE!

Come along to our Discover Omni Open events and see how we have helped hundreds of businesses!

At these FREE events, you will discover how Omni has - 

  • Helped members through a difficult time (live and personal testimonials from real members)
  • How the meetings work when you visit us
  • How you can really grow your business through membership
  • Why you are missing out!


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Group Director

John Gower
NAME: John Gower
SERVICES: Business Networking events and Networking Workshops
BRIEF BIO: John is passionate about connecting local businesses and has Been running Omni Local since 2012.
T: 07898 870 870
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
W: Omni Local Business Networking
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