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The Fairmile & Premier Inn, Cobham, Surrey

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LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, with over 500 million Members and 2 new Profiles being created every second!

LinkedIn was radically overhauled in February 2017 under new owners Microsoft, and since then new functionality (voice messaging, native video, hashtags etc etc) are being added on a regular basis. If you created a Profile a long time ago and haven't been back lately, you may not even recognise it! The way the site works changes all the time, so you might not be able to find all the functions and settings. 

If you're new to LinkedIn, that could be an advantage, as you'll be able to learn to use it without the baggage!

Keith Grover delivering his LinkedIn Seminar at Woking Means Business Expo 2018

This 2½-hour Workshop introduces the power of LinkedIn as a business and marketing tool to help you to increase your customer base and build an online presence with global visibility for your business.

Keith Grover is a Certified Trainer with Really Connect, the world's biggest LinkedIn training organisation. This 'Learn2Love LinkedIn' Workshop introduces many of the topics, tips and techniques which are covered in Really Connect's 'Social Selling with LinkedIn' one-day course which costs £497 + VAT.   A search for local LinkedIn courses featured on Eventbrite reveals typical course fees ranging from £120 - £175.

The Workshop is offered at an unbeatable price - with no VAT to pay - and the venue will allow for a maximum of 15 attendees, so early booking is definitely a good idea!

Course Content [Read the Course Outline - click here...]

You’ll discover how to exploit the power of the world’s largest business network to:

• Make a better impression when people find you on LinkedIn by creating an ‘All-Star’ Profile

• Grow your network of LinkedIn Connections to extend your personal network across geographical boundaries and connect with more of the right people for your business

• Enhance your reputation as the ‘go-to’ expert in your field so that customers and clients seek you out and want to work with you

The areas we cover will vary slightly, depending on who’s in the room on the day, and what you tell me you want to learn about, but will include most (or all) of the following:

• How does LinkedIn fit into your overall marketing plan?

• How should you handle requests to connect?

• How to adjust your settings to only get the communications you want (and block ‘spam’!)

• Using LinkedIn to support your offline networking activities

• Posting articles and other content on the platform

• Use LinkedIn Groups to raise your profile

• Find the right people to talk to, and start an ongoing conversation - and never cold call again!

 •…and much more besides!


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This training event will help you to improve on everything, from the right things to say and do to elevator pitches and getting more success and referrals from networking. 
Please join us for a beneficial learning experience and a chance to meet some great local entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Every month we will be running networking master-classes, which are free to attend. All we ask is that you come to the networking meeting after the master class. Each month we will have a different subject about how you can improve one area or aspect of your networking. 

At most networking events you get a chance to talk about your business. Some are 60 seconds, some are just 40, some are even 2 minutes.....either way you have the focused attention of everyone.

This master-class will help you build more confidence, know what to say and how to deliver the right message to the right people in the room.

(Limited to 15 people - BOOK NOW! - CLICK HERE)


PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A FREE EVENT! - You can only come to this event if you go to the breakfast meeting before this event! - Limited to just 25!

Networking is a great way of finding new clients, build better relationships and find some fantastic suppliers. On top of this, provided you get networking right you will be able to find people who will be happy to promote your business and services to their clients and their customers.

If you're not networking your business on a regular basis you are really missing out on some great sales and lead funnels for finding new business.

Let me ask you two questions:
Do you go networking and just find the results you're getting are just not quite right, and that you should be getting a little bit more from the time that you spend speaking to people at networking events?

Or have you never been networking before, just don't know what it's about, feel a little exposed?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions then this is definitely something for you!

Every month we will be running and networking a master-class which is free to attend. - All we ask is that you come to the networking meeting after the master class.

Each month we will have a different subject about how you can improve one area or aspect of your networking.


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