“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.” ―Brian Tracy

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Networking is expensive!

If you have an hourly rate, when you add up the time you spend networking (traveling not included for now), add up the meeting fees, add up the membership, it costs around £200 to attend a single event!

You need to get it right. You also need to see it as an investment and a channel to find clients like any other marketing activity you do.

Networking is a great way of finding new clients, building better relationships, and finding fantastic suppliers. On top of this, provided you get networking right you will be able to find people who will be happy to promote your business and services to their clients.

If you're not networking your business on a regular basis you are really missing out on some great sales and lead funnels for finding new business.

Let me ask you two questions

Do you go networking and just find the results you're getting are just not quite right, and that you should be getting a little bit more from the time that you spend speaking to people at networking events?

Or have you never been networking before, just don't know what it's about, feel a little exposed?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions then this is definitely something for you!

The Networking Works Workshops are FREE: all we ask you to do is attend the meetings we hold before or after our networking meetings.

Each month we will have a different subject about how you can improve one area or aspect of your networking.

Here is what just 1 person has said about the advice I have offered on networking

I was really struggling with my networking pitch and had discussed it with a number of people.  I had some great tips and advice though felt I couldn’t be as sincere about delivering all of the changes suggested.  There just were too many similarities with other peoples'.   Your pitch has to be personal and fit with the level of services you are offering.
I spoke to John Gower who talked me through an approach that I felt was so much more aligned with me, the target audience, and the message I wanted to get across.
The result was immediate as I modified my pitch the next morning with a shorter brief and a call to arms that I felt comfortable in delivering.  It created an immediate positive reaction from the audience with a follow-up call for a potential lead booked into the diary that afternoon.
John, thank you very much, your advice was invaluable!



Here is what we offer -


Elevator Pitch Workshop -  This is a 2 part workshop - 2 hours each - 2 weeks apart.

Part 1 - At every networking event, you are given the chance to promote your business. And this is where it can ALL GO WRONG! - There is so much pressure, speaking in public is actually one of the biggest fears in life! - It's actually called Glossophobia.

Remember - first impressions count!

This workshop is all about putting together the perfect 60 Elevator Pitch. You will be given ALL the tools you need to get the best out of your 60-second pitches, get more confidence, get everyone's attention, get your message across more effectively, and get you better results, and that's face-to-face or on-screen!

If you are also going to attend Part 2, you will be given some "homework" to use the tools you have learned in Part 1, and come back with a NEW 60-second Elevator Pitch!

Part 2 - This workshop is all about applying what you have learned from Part 1. Depending on how many people we have attending, we will work with you to polish your new Elevator Pitch. You will be able to bring any questions and any live issues you have about presenting and networking.

VIP Experience - If you take up the VIP ticket, in addition to attending Part 1& 2, you will get an individual 1-2-1 follow up call to help you even further.


General Ticket: - Part 1 - £25.00 (vat inc)

Combined Ticket: - Part 1 & 2 - £49.00 (vat inc)

VIP Ticket: - Part 1 & 2 + 1-2-1 Call - £99.00 (vat inc)

6 Pillars of Networking - essential need-to-know information - This is a single event

If you are new to networking, then you need to learn the 6 Basic Pillars of Successful Networking.

It's easy to think, that just turning up is enough.... However, you should consider networking as seriously as you would when you are planning to meet with the perfect client!

Just like marketing, sales, or any other activity you include in your business you need to learn how to network correctly!

This includes networking etiquette, how to give and gain referrals, the correct way to follow up conversations, and how to build long-term relationships that turn into REAL business.


General Ticket: - £25.00 (vat inc)

1-2-1 Networking - take it from face-to-face to online and beyond! - This is a single event

So, if you have attended a handful of networking events, you need to work on building these all-important long-term relationships.

With recent events, almost everything now revolves around online communications -  from LinkedIn, Facebook, and now Zoom, so we are all going to be working online much more!

In this workshop, you will get the skills to build long-lasting relationships without meeting face to face every week or fortnight.


General Ticket - Part 1 - £25.00 (vat inc)

GDPR - the basics you need to know while networking

Networking produces a lot of data!

The problem is, with the ever-changing regulations and more awareness of GDPR, you have to make sure you don't break the rules (and the law).

It's not just about getting a business card or someones contact details and then popping the information into a CRM system...It's now much more complex than that!


General Ticket: - £25.00 (vat inc)

More to follow...

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