How We Act

  • We treat each other with respect
  • We respect the law and act accordingly
  • We are fair and honest in our dealings
  • We use Omni's property responsibly
  • We are accountable for our actions and their consequences.


The Omni Code of Conduct is the most important document issued by our Company. Each of us should understand and comply with this code, which applies to our directors, group leaders and members.

We wish to enhance our reputation for integrity, and to be valued as a member and business associate in all our relationships. This objective is reflected in our pride in what we do and how we do it.

Our management believes that integrity is an important quality and one, which, by improving our reputation, gives advantages to our directors, group leaders and members.

The code outlines behaviour expected of each of us and encourages us to ask ourselves 'What is the right thing to do?'. The code is based on shared values and on behaviour that is intended to help our business activity. We believe the values and behaviour outlined in our code accord with those of the communities in which we operate.

Omni's Code of Conduct

We care about how we get results. Our code provides a guide for the way we do business.

Each Omni member applies these code principles to their relationships with each other and everyone they deal with in the Omni community

    In representing Omni our minimum standards are as follows:
    • We treat each other with respect and dignity by:
    • Maintaining a safe and fair work environment
    • Treating everyone with respect, regardless of their role or individual differences
    • Valuing our members and their personal commitment to delivering quality products and services
    • Encouraging cooperation and personal development in all who work with us
    • Understanding and responding to the needs of our team and members.
    • We respect the law and act accordingly by:
    • Respecting the laws, customs and business practices of countries in which we operate, without compromising our code principles
    • Notifying our management immediately of any potential or possible breach of laws
    • Maintaining approaches that preserve the integrity of any laws under which we operate
    • We are fair and honest in our dealings by:
    • Acting fairly and honestly always
    • Not using coercive or misleading practices or falsifying or wrongfully withholding information
    • Not placing ourselves in situations where our private interests could conflict directly or indirectly with our obligations to Omni
    • Not accepting benefits such as gifts or entertainment that could create an obligation
    • Not acting in ways which may cause others to question our commitment to Omni
    • We use Omni's property responsibly by:
    • Not using Omni's funds to provide unreasonable benefits such as gifts or entertainment for ourselves or others
    • Only using Omni's property, such as equipment or stores, for Company business
    • Not disclosing confidential information without authorisation
    • We are accountable for our actions and their consequences by:
    • Taking personal responsibility for all issues over which we have control and for the manner in which these are achieved
    • Maintaining a system for recording, investigating and responding to any compliance breaches or complaints, including those received from regulatory authorities, auditors or members, in a fair and unbiased fashion

Any member who has any queries, concerns or suggestions about matters covered by this code of conduct should speak to their group manager or director for guidance and assistance.

Any member who becomes aware of or suspects any breach of any law should alert the director. The identity of any member reporting such conduct will be kept confidential insofar as is permitted by law and we will act fairly and in good faith towards any member reporting such conduct.

This policy will be reviewed on a periodic basis.

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